Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950



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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 REPOAHL Alaska State Library Camera Workers 
2 REPOBPAM Alberni Valley Museum Camera Workers 
3 REPOAMNH American Museum of Natural History Camera Workers 
4 REPOAMHA Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center Camera Workers 
5 REPOAZSU Arizona State University Libraries Camera Workers 
6 REPOALHS Arrow Lakes Historical Society Camera Workers 
7 REPOBASM Ashcroft Museum Camera Workers 
8 REPOBATM Atlin Historical Museum Camera Workers 
9 REPOBBARK Barkerville Historic Town Archives Camera Workers 
10 REPOHBM Bishop Museum Camera Workers 
11 REPOBGFBM Boundary Museum Camera Workers 
12 REPOBVIPA British Columbia Archives Camera Workers 
13 REPOBL British Library Camera Workers 
14 REPOBURK Burke Museum Camera Workers 
15 REPOCALSTLIB California State Library Camera Workers 
16 REPOCAMUL Cambridge University Library Camera Workers 
17 REPOOOCMCP Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography Camera Workers 
18 REPOOONMM Canadian Museum of History Camera Workers 
19 REPOQMCP Canadian Pacific Archives Camera Workers 
20 REPOOOCPI Canadian Photography Institute Camera Workers 
21 REPOQCRM Canadian Railway Museum Camera Workers 
22 REPOBCSM Chase and District Museum and Archives Camera Workers 
23 REPOBCHM Chilliwack Museum and Archives Camera Workers 
24 REPOCMS Church Missionary Society Archives Camera Workers 
25 REPOBCOQA City of Coquitlam Archives Camera Workers 
26 REPOBRMA City of Richmond Archives Camera Workers 
27 REPOBSURA City of Surrey Archives Camera Workers 
28 REPOBVAA City of Vancouver Archives Camera Workers 
29 REPOBVICA City of Victoria Archives Camera Workers 
30 REPOBWRMA City of White Rock Museum and Archives Camera Workers 
31 REPOCOHS Colorado Historical Society Camera Workers 
32 REPOCULDC Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections Camera Workers 
33 REPOBCMX Comox Archives and Museum Camera Workers 
34 REPOCFD Concord Public Library Camera Workers 
35 REPOBCUMBM Cumberland Museum and Archives Camera Workers 
36 REPOMDALY Daly House Museum Camera Workers 
37 REPOYDCM Dawson City Museum and Historical Society Camera Workers 
38 REPOBENDMA Enderby and District Museum and Archives Camera Workers 
39 REPOBFM Fernie Museum Camera Workers 
40 REPOFMNH Field Museum of Natural History Camera Workers 
41 REPOBFNPL Fort Nelson Public Library: Northern Rockies Region Archives Camera Workers 
42 REPOBFSPHP Fort Steele Heritage Town Camera Workers 
43 REPOFFGRM Fraser-Fort George Regional Museum Camera Workers 
44 REPOACG Glenbow Archives Camera Workers 
45 REPOBVMA Greater Vernon Museum and Archives Camera Workers 
46 REPOBVI Greater Victoria Public Library Camera Workers 
47 REPOHSA Hawaii State Archives Camera Workers 
48 REPOAHOPE Hope and Sunrise Historical Society Camera Workers 
49 REPOMWHBC Hudson's Bay Company Archives Camera Workers 
50 REPOHUNTLIB Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens Camera Workers 

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