Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950



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1 FORMATS: Postcards. Bradbury, Charles (I2211)
2 FORMATS: Postcards. Campbell, Edward James (I2177)
3 STATUS: Studio. Chic Studio (I2146)
4 STATUS: Studio. Bassett Studio (I2153)
5 STATUS: Studio. Barton's Photo Studio (I2168)
6 STATUS: Studio. Cranbrook Studio (I2205)
7 STATUS: Studio. Campbell's Studio (Nanaimo, BC) (I2214)
8 "...original publication held by the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen's University." Source (S426)
9 "A Firefly Postcard Book". Source (S369)
10 "A True Sportsman and Gentleman" (7 Apr 2017); URL (accessed 10 Jan 2020): Source (S1070)
11 "An index of photographers working in Staffordshire compiled from trade directories between 1861 and 1940." Source (S119)
12 "Cinema in Quebec: The Talkies and Beyond is the second phase of a huge project of making Quebec?s film heritage accessible to the public, beginning with the site Silent Cinema in Quebec, 1896-1930." Source (S982)
13 "Copyright Genes Reunited Records Ltd. 2000-" Source (S93)
14 "Peel's Prairie Provinces is a resource dedicated to assisting scholars, students, and researchers of all types in their exploration of western Canadian history and the culture of the Canadian prairies." ... The online bibliography and digitized collections were built upon the original work of Bruce Peel and the updated records found within the third edition of the print Peel bibliography (Ernie B. Ingles and N. Merrill Distad, eds., Peel's bibliography of the Canadian Prairies to 1953, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2003). The Peel bibliographic database continues the work of this latest print bibliography including items published after 1953, the terminal date for its print counterpart, as well as materials outside of the original scope of the bibliography."  Source (S1116)
15 "The Index is a list of over 1,600 references to commercial photographers working in the county of Glamorgan from the early days in the 1850s up to about 1930." Consists of a downloadable CSV file with explanatory Web site. Source (S118)
16 "The list details the some of the names and addresses of various Australian colonial photographers from 1850 onwards." Source (S1130)
17 "This exhibition and publication are the result of a research partnership between the SSHRC-CURA Cultural Property Community Research Collaborative Program at the University of Victoria and the Japanese Canadian National Museum." Source (S563)
18 "This list has been extracted from Slater's Directory, 1868." Source (S355)
19 "This site provides information about photographers active in the United States from 1844 to 1950. The information comes from city directories, business and industry directories, classified advertising, tax lists, census, published sources and photographer's marks on the images themselves." Source (S822)
20 1874: digitized copy at the Internet Archive: Source (S339)
21 1875: transcribed copy by Hugh Armstrong at CanadaGenWebOrg: Source (S339)
22 1898: transcribed copy by Hugh Armstrong at Source (S339)
23 1921 Census of Canada Kitto, John Richard (I1125)
24 1st ed. Source (S329)
25 41 1/2 Pandora Ave. was renumbered in 1907 and the location in 2007 houses John's Place Restaurant, 723 Pandora Ave. Rappertie, Arthur Stewart (I346)
26 9th ed. Source (S1057)
27 Repository (REPOAEPAA)
28 Repository (REPOBVIPM)
29 Repository (REPOAEUA)
30 Repository (REPOBVICA)
31 Repository (REPOABA)
32 BC Studies digital facsimile URL (accessed 27 Jan 2023): Source (S208)
33 Macleod Times, 25 Jan 1923, p. 7: "Former Macleod Business Man Gains Distinction". Vanderpant, John (I887)
34 Oregon Photographers was originally published in December 1992. Source (S125)
35  Source (S195)
36  Source (S280)
37  Source (S190)
38  Source (S198)
39  Source (S578)
40  Source (S612)
41  Source (S621)
42  Source (S385)
43  Source (S386)
44  Source (S500)
45 A celebration of life was held on this date. Barclay, Kenneth Harvey (I2157)
46 A family tree on gives a death date of Dec 1968 at Samford, Suffolk, Eng., UK. Schofield, Harold Uttley (I1999)
47 A family tree on indicates he was born 3 Jan 1857 but no source is provided. Eason, Arthur Ephriam (I915)
48 A FamilySearch family tree uses the name James Richard Broadbridge. There are conflicting records around his birth date and birth place. It is possible he was born in Australia and that his family immigrated to England when he was very young so that he believed he was born in England. Broadbridge, Richard (I428)
49 A Gilbert Stanley, aged 56, died in Nelson, BC, on 24 Jan 1915 (BVIPA death registration no. 1915-09-180889, microfilm reel B13108). It is undetermined whether this is the same individual. Stanley, Gilbert M. (I62)
50 A gravestone for he and his wife also exists at Qualicum Beach Municipal Cemetery. Cameron, Victor Stuart (I2135)

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