Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950

Salmon Arm, BC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Honey, William John  19 Jan 1950Salmon Arm, BC I1567 Camera Workers 

Business Address/Year

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Business Address/Year    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beech, Alan E.  1939Salmon Arm, BC I1965 Camera Workers 
2 Coltart  Jan-Apr 1896Salmon Arm, BC I491 Camera Workers 
3 Coltart and Hatherley  Jan-Apr 1896Salmon Arm, BC I310 Camera Workers 
4 Hatherley, James Thomas  Jan-Apr 1896Salmon Arm, BC I492 Camera Workers 
5 Honey, William John  1920-1928?Salmon Arm, BC I1567 Camera Workers 
6 Honey, William John  1910?-1917Salmon Arm, BC I1567 Camera Workers 
7 Lingford, Reginald Percival Breillet  1909-1914Salmon Arm, BC I1653 Camera Workers 
8 Moase, Phillip Edgar Land  1933-1936Salmon Arm, BC I1596 Camera Workers 
9 Percival, Anthony  1908Salmon Arm, BC I1743 Camera Workers 
10 Percival, Anthony  1910Salmon Arm, BC I1743 Camera Workers 
11 Perrier, Hector Joseph  1915-ca.1918Salmon Arm, BC I1756 Camera Workers 
12 Woodbridge, Charles Edward  1910Salmon Arm, BC I1769 Camera Workers 
13 Woodbridge, Charles Edward  1920-1921Salmon Arm, BC I1769 Camera Workers 
14 Woodbridge, Charles Edward  1933Salmon Arm, BC I1769 Camera Workers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clayton, Eva Lucille  26 Oct 1931Salmon Arm, BC I1597 Camera Workers 
2 Lingford, Reginald Percival Breillet  5 Jan 1921Salmon Arm, BC I1653 Camera Workers 
3 Moase, Phillip Edgar Land  26 Oct 1931Salmon Arm, BC I1596 Camera Workers 
4 Tourner, Arthur Douglas  14 Jan 1914Salmon Arm, BC I994 Camera Workers 
5 Woodbridge, Charles Edward  31 Oct 1936Salmon Arm, BC I1769 Camera Workers 

Where Active (Non-Specific Address)

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Where Active (Non-Specific Address)    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ajax Photo Studio  1938-1939Salmon Arm, BC I574 Camera Workers 
2 Duncan, Francis King  1913-ca. 1915Salmon Arm, BC I1444 Camera Workers 
3 Langevin, Edward A.  1890Salmon Arm, BC I136 Camera Workers