Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950

New Westminster, BC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Stride, Charles Edgar  24 Feb 1890New Westminster, BC I1305
2 Wintemute, George Matthew  7 Jun 1872New Westminster, BC I802


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Wintemute, George Matthew  16 Oct 1872New Westminster, BC I802


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Canfield Francis Orra  27 Mar 1961New Westminster, BC I483
2 Davy, Gerald Gunning  12 Sep 1930New Westminster, BC I1328
3 Eason, Arthur Ephriam  24 Jan 1923New Westminster, BC I915
4 Edwards, John Bedford  29 Apr 1975New Westminster, BC I928
5 Freeston, John William  30 Jul 1923New Westminster, BC I1245
6 Fripp, Thomas William  30 May 1931New Westminster, BC I1304
7 Grandy, George Franklin  29 Oct 1938New Westminster, BC I1108
8 Lamb, Thomas Cardain  13 Jan 1919New Westminster, BC I1203
9 Mavius, Harold  14 Feb 1911New Westminster, BC I845
10 Okamura, Paul Louis  26 Mar 1937New Westminster, BC I622
11 Paull, Alfred Albert  18 Jun 1958New Westminster, BC I576
12 Stride, Charles Edgar  29 Feb 1972New Westminster, BC I1305
13 Welsh, Howard Milton  2 Feb 1938New Westminster, BC I20


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hatherley, James Thomas  11 Dec 1948New Westminster, BC I492

Business Address/Year

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Business Address/Year    Person ID 
1 Atkinson J.B.  1889New Westminster, BC I14
2 B.C. Photo and Fine Art Studio  1891-1895New Westminster, BC I372
3 Bovill, Wheatley  1886New Westminster, BC I421
4 Bovill, Wheatley  1889New Westminster, BC I421
5 Bovill, William  1886New Westminster, BC I422
6 Bovill, William  1887New Westminster, BC I422
7 Bovill Brothers  Aug 1886-Oct 1886New Westminster, BC I416
8 Browne, John Lothian  Jul 1892-1893?New Westminster, BC I459
9 Browne, John Lothian  1885New Westminster, BC I459
10 Browne, John Lothian  Apr 1891-Jul 1892New Westminster, BC I459
11 Browne, John Lothian  1893-ca. 1898New Westminster, BC I459
12 Canfield Francis Orra  1892New Westminster, BC I483
13 Cook, James  1900-1901New Westminster, BC I494
14 Cornish, John Charles  1902-1904New Westminster, BC I791
15 Davis, Joseph  1887New Westminster, BC I515
16 Davy, Gerald Gunning  1901-1909?New Westminster, BC I1328
17 Easthope, Edwin Frederick  1894New Westminster, BC I533
18 Easthope, Edwin Frederick  ca. 1899-1901New Westminster, BC I533
19 Easthope and Company  1900New Westminster, BC I255
20 F. Hurndall and Company  1918New Westminster, BC I1249
21 F. Hurndall and Company  1919-1920New Westminster, BC I1249
22 F. Hurndall and Company  1921-1923New Westminster, BC I1249
23 F. Hurndall and Company  1924-1930New Westminster, BC I1249
24 Finley, William Burton  1898New Westminster, BC I239
25 Ford, Lillian M.  1893-1894New Westminster, BC I245
26 Fox, Evelyn Maud  1919-1920New Westminster, BC I1302
27 Fox, Evelyn Maud  1922-1925New Westminster, BC I1302
28 Fox, Evelyn Maud  1926-1943New Westminster, BC I1302
29 French, May  1890New Westminster, BC I251
30 French, May  1891New Westminster, BC I251
31 French, May  1892New Westminster, BC I251
32 Fulton, Christopher  1862New Westminster, BC I254
33 Fulton, Christopher  1863New Westminster, BC I254
34 Guest, John James  1890New Westminster, BC I234
35 Hacking, Frederick Louis  1908New Westminster, BC I172
36 Haweis, Lionel Thomas Joy  1907-Jun 1909New Westminster, BC I678
37 Heckley, Joseph Woodward  1891New Westminster, BC I191
38 Heckley, Joseph Woodward  1895New Westminster, BC I191
39 Home Portrait Studio  1914New Westminster, BC I847
40 Howison, J.W.  1897-1900?New Westminster, BC I214
41 Jones, Earl Roy  1941New Westminster, BC I991
42 Kirk, Zoe Norah  1924New Westminster, BC I1124
43 Leash, Homer Ellsworth  1912New Westminster, BC I1355
44 Leash, Homer Ellsworth  1914New Westminster, BC I1355
45 Mavius, Harold  1909-1910New Westminster, BC I845
46 Mountain, Albert  1890New Westminster, BC I465
47 Mountain, Albert  1891New Westminster, BC I465
48 Mountain and Heckley  1891New Westminster, BC I129
49 Okamura, Paul Louis  1901New Westminster, BC I622
50 Ross, Helen  1897-1900New Westminster, BC I765

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Home Address/Year

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Home Address/Year    Person ID 
1 Bovill, Wheatley  1889New Westminster, BC I421
2 Browne, John Lothian  1894New Westminster, BC I459
3 Browne, John Lothian  1894-1898New Westminster, BC I459
4 Canfield Francis Orra  1892New Westminster, BC I483
5 Cook, James  1900New Westminster, BC I494
6 Cornish, John Charles  1901New Westminster, BC I791
7 Easthope, Edwin Frederick  1894New Westminster, BC I533
8 Easthope, Edwin Frederick  1898New Westminster, BC I533
9 Finley, William Burton  1898New Westminster, BC I239
10 Ford, Lillian M.  1893New Westminster, BC I245
11 Ford, Lillian M.  1894New Westminster, BC I245
12 Ford, Lillian M.  1895New Westminster, BC I245
13 French, May  1890New Westminster, BC I251
14 French, May  1891New Westminster, BC I251
15 Fulton, Christopher  1862New Westminster, BC I254
16 Garraway, Lionel Rudolph Henry  1920-1924New Westminster, BC I942
17 Guest, John James  1890New Westminster, BC I234
18 Heckley, Albert  1891New Westminster, BC I190
19 Heckley, Joseph Woodward  1894-1895?New Westminster, BC I191
20 Heckley, Joseph Woodward  1891New Westminster, BC I191
21 Heckley, Joseph Woodward  1892-1893New Westminster, BC I191
22 Howison, J.W.  1897-1900New Westminster, BC I214
23 Lassonde, Paul H.  1890New Westminster, BC I140
24 Lassonde, Paul H.  1891New Westminster, BC I140
25 Leash, Homer Ellsworth  1910-1912New Westminster, BC I1355
26 McDermaid, Albert  1890New Westminster, BC I108
27 Mountain, Albert  1891New Westminster, BC I465
28 Murchie, Archibald  1893New Westminster, BC I133
29 Murchie, Archibald  1895New Westminster, BC I133
30 Okamura, Paul Louis  1901New Westminster, BC I622
31 Patterson, M.  1894New Westminster, BC I749
32 Ross, Helen  1900New Westminster, BC I765
33 Thompson, Stephen Joseph  1889-1890New Westminster, BC I40
34 Thompson, Stephen Joseph  1891-1894New Westminster, BC I40
35 Thompson, Stephen Joseph  1895New Westminster, BC I40
36 Welsh, Howard Milton  1892New Westminster, BC I20
37 Welsh, Howard Milton  1893New Westminster, BC I20
38 Welsh, Howard Milton  1897-1898New Westminster, BC I20
39 Welsh, Howard Milton  1900New Westminster, BC I20
40 Wintemute, George Matthew  1892New Westminster, BC I802
41 Wood, Jessie  1892New Westminster, BC I804


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage    Person ID 
1 Eden, Joseph Galileo  19 Dec 1919New Westminster, BC I925
2 Ollason, James  16 Sep 1909New Westminster, BC I636

Where Active (Non-Specific Address)

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Where Active (Non-Specific Address)    Person ID 
1 Beveridge, Erskine  2 Jun 1885New Westminster, BC I388
2 Buell, Oliver Brown  1886New Westminster, BC I472
3 Campbell  1893New Westminster, BC I482
4 Canfield Francis Orra  1890-1892New Westminster, BC I483
5 Clarke, J.H.  ca. 1890New Westminster, BC I303
6 Claudet, Francis George  1860-1873New Westminster, BC I304
7 Davis, Joseph  1869-1890New Westminster, BC I515
8 French W.J.  1878New Westminster, BC I252
9 Hacking, Frederick Louis  1905?-1908New Westminster, BC I172
10 Imanty, D.G.  1898?New Westminster, BC I165
11 Lassonde, Paul H.  1890-1891New Westminster, BC I140
12 Mathers, Charles Wesley  1918-1919New Westminster, BC I116
13 Mountain, Albert  ca. 1889New Westminster, BC I465
14 Murchie, Archibald  1890-1895New Westminster, BC I133
15 Okamura, Paul Louis  1893-1937New Westminster, BC I622
16 Royal Studio (New Westminster, BC)  1907-1914New Westminster, BC I844
17 Wiggin, Agnes  1911-1914, 1918New Westminster, BC I846