Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950

New Westminster, BC


Business Address/Year

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Business Address/Year    Person ID   Tree 
51 Hurndall, Frank Ivan Atkinson  1919-1920New Westminster, BC I1543 Camera Workers 
52 Hurndall, Frank Ivan Atkinson  1921-1923New Westminster, BC I1543 Camera Workers 
53 Hurndall, Frank Ivan Atkinson  1924-1930New Westminster, BC I1543 Camera Workers 
54 Jones, Earl Roy  1941New Westminster, BC I991 Camera Workers 
55 Kirk, Zoe Norah  1924New Westminster, BC I1124 Camera Workers 
56 Leash, Homer Ellsworth  1912New Westminster, BC I1355 Camera Workers 
57 Leash, Homer Ellsworth  1914New Westminster, BC I1355 Camera Workers 
58 Mathers, Charles Wesley  1918-1919New Westminster, BC I116 Camera Workers 
59 Mathers Studio  1918-1919New Westminster, BC I1809 Camera Workers 
60 Matthews, Charles H.  1919New Westminster, BC I1680 Camera Workers 
61 Matthews, Charles H.  1919-1921New Westminster, BC I1680 Camera Workers 
62 Mattice, Cora Alvin  1911New Westminster, BC I1806 Camera Workers 
63 Mavius, Harold  1909-1910New Westminster, BC I845 Camera Workers 
64 McCloy, Minnie  1921New Westminster, BC I1627 Camera Workers 
65 McGregor, Neil  1908New Westminster, BC I1800 Camera Workers 
66 McKenzie, Kenneth Gordon  1950New Westminster, BC I1629 Camera Workers 
67 Mountain, Albert  1890New Westminster, BC I465 Camera Workers 
68 Mountain, Albert  1891New Westminster, BC I465 Camera Workers 
69 Mountain and Heckley  1891New Westminster, BC I129 Camera Workers 
70 Okamura, Paul Louis  1901New Westminster, BC I622 Camera Workers 
71 Reeves, Cecil Heppenstall  1928-1950New Westminster, BC I1674 Camera Workers 
72 Rexall Photo Studio  1919-1922New Westminster, BC I1679 Camera Workers 
73 Ritchie, Samuel J.  1910-1911New Westminster, BC I1691 Camera Workers 
74 Ritchie, Samuel J.  1912-1913New Westminster, BC I1691 Camera Workers 
75 Ritchie, Samuel J.  1914New Westminster, BC I1691 Camera Workers 
76 Ross, Miss Helen  1897-1900New Westminster, BC I765 Camera Workers 
77 Royal Studio (New Westminster, BC)  1906-1907New Westminster, BC I844 Camera Workers 
78 Royal Studio (New Westminster, BC)  1908New Westminster, BC I844 Camera Workers 
79 Royal Studio (New Westminster, BC)  1909New Westminster, BC I844 Camera Workers 
80 Royal Studio (New Westminster, BC)  1911New Westminster, BC I844 Camera Workers 
81 Royal Studio (New Westminster, BC)  1912-1914New Westminster, BC I844 Camera Workers 
82 Russell, Vincent Calhoun  1914New Westminster, BC I1713 Camera Workers 
83 Russell, Vincent Calhoun  1915New Westminster, BC I1713 Camera Workers 
84 Russell, Vincent Calhoun  1918-1919New Westminster, BC I1713 Camera Workers 
85 Russell, Vincent Calhoun  1920-1921New Westminster, BC I1713 Camera Workers 
86 Russell, Vincent Calhoun  1922-1923New Westminster, BC I1713 Camera Workers 
87 Russell, Vincent Calhoun  1924New Westminster, BC I1713 Camera Workers 
88 Russell, Vincent Calhoun  1941New Westminster, BC I1713 Camera Workers 
89 Russell, Vincent Calhoun  1942New Westminster, BC I1713 Camera Workers 
90 Russell Photo Studio  1918-1919New Westminster, BC I1712 Camera Workers 
91 Steffens-Colmer Studio Ltd.  1930New Westminster, BC I1497 Camera Workers 
92 Steffens-Colmer Studio Ltd.  1931New Westminster, BC I1497 Camera Workers 
93 Stride, Charles Edgar  1924New Westminster, BC I1305 Camera Workers 
94 Stride, Charles Edgar  1918-1925New Westminster, BC I1305 Camera Workers 
95 Stride, Charles Edgar  1926-1950New Westminster, BC I1305 Camera Workers 
96 Stride Studios  1926-1950New Westminster, BC I1306 Camera Workers 
97 Sunbeam Photo Studio  Dec 1891-1892New Westminster, BC I460 Camera Workers 
98 Sunbeam Photo Studio  1892-1893New Westminster, BC I460 Camera Workers 
99 Taylor, Norman Dale  1931New Westminster, BC I957 Camera Workers 
100 Thompson, Stephen Joseph  Oct 1886-?New Westminster, BC I40 Camera Workers 

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