Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950

New Westminster, BC


Business Address/Year

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Business Address/Year    Person ID   Tree 
101 Thompson, Stephen Joseph  1887-1890New Westminster, BC I40 Camera Workers 
102 Thompson, Stephen Joseph  1890-1898New Westminster, BC I40 Camera Workers 
103 Thompson, Stephen Joseph  1901-1904New Westminster, BC I40 Camera Workers 
104 Thompson and Bovill  Oct 1886-?New Westminster, BC I41 Camera Workers 
105 Thompson and Bovill  1887-1889?New Westminster, BC I41 Camera Workers 
106 Universal Photographers  1918-1925New Westminster, BC I659 Camera Workers 
107 Uren, John Batrel  Feb 1879-1881New Westminster, BC I461 Camera Workers 
108 Uren, John Batrel  Aug 1882-1883New Westminster, BC I461 Camera Workers 
109 Uren, John Batrel  1884?-1889New Westminster, BC I461 Camera Workers 
110 Uren and Mountain  ca. 1889New Westminster, BC I463 Camera Workers 
111 Vanderpant, John  1922New Westminster, BC I887 Camera Workers 
112 Vanderpant, John  1920-1927New Westminster, BC I887 Camera Workers 
113 Vanderpant Photo Studio  1923-1924New Westminster, BC I889 Camera Workers 
114 Welsh, Howard Milton  1891-1892New Westminster, BC I20 Camera Workers 
115 Welsh, Howard Milton  1892-1898New Westminster, BC I20 Camera Workers 
116 Welsh, Howard Milton  1899-1900New Westminster, BC I20 Camera Workers 
117 Welsh, Howard Milton  1900-1903New Westminster, BC I20 Camera Workers 
118 Welsh, Miss K.  1897New Westminster, BC I792 Camera Workers 
119 Welsh and Company  1895-1899New Westminster, BC I21 Camera Workers 
120 Wescott, Stanley Haughton  1922New Westminster, BC I1602 Camera Workers 
121 White's Photo Gallery  1905New Westminster, BC I1884 Camera Workers 
122 Wiggin, Mrs. Agnes  1911New Westminster, BC I846 Camera Workers 
123 Wiggin, Mrs. Agnes  1912-1914New Westminster, BC I846 Camera Workers 
124 Wiggin, Mrs. Agnes  1914New Westminster, BC I846 Camera Workers 
125 Wiggin, Mrs. Agnes  1918New Westminster, BC I846 Camera Workers 
126 Wood, Miss Jessie  1892New Westminster, BC I804 Camera Workers 
127 Wright, H.  1905New Westminster, BC I1458 Camera Workers 
128 Wright, Sid A.  1935-1937New Westminster, BC I1620 Camera Workers 
129 Wright, Syd M.  1932New Westminster, BC I1619 Camera Workers 
130 Wright, Syd M.  1933-1934New Westminster, BC I1619 Camera Workers 

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