Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950



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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
51 REPOQMMCM McCord Museum Camera Workers 
52 REPOQMMCG McGill University Camera Workers 
53 REPOMETMOA Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas J. Watson Library Camera Workers 
54 REPOMSU Michigan State University Libraries Camera Workers 
55 REPOMHSA Montana Historical Society Research Center Camera Workers 
56 REPOMOHAI Museum of History and Industry Camera Workers 
57 REPOBNCA Nanaimo Community Archives Camera Workers 
58 REPOBNCM Nanaimo District Museum Camera Workers 
59 REPONAA National Anthropological Archives and Human Film Studies Archives Camera Workers 
60 REPOUKNA National Archives (UK) Camera Workers 
61 REPOQMNF National Film Board of Canada Camera Workers 
62 REPOOONG National Gallery of Canada Camera Workers 
63 REPONLS National Library of Scotland Camera Workers 
64 REPONYPL New York Public Library Camera Workers 
65 REPOBVANIK Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre Camera Workers 
66 REPOBNVMA North Vancouver Museum and Archives Camera Workers 
67 REPOQMMCMN Notman Photographic Archives Camera Workers 
68 REPONSHPA Nova Scotia Archives Camera Workers 
69 REPOBOAKB Oak Bay Archives Camera Workers 
70 REPOORHSOC Oregon Historical Society Camera Workers 
71 REPOBDHM Personal copy Camera Workers 
72 REPOBPORH Powell River Historical Museum and Archives Camera Workers 
73 REPOBPRA Prince Rupert City and Regional Archives Camera Workers 
74 REPOAEPAA Provincial Archives of Alberta Camera Workers 
75 REPOMWPA Provincial Archives of Manitoba Camera Workers 
76 REPOSKPROV Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan Camera Workers 
77 REPOQUEUL Queen's University Library Camera Workers 
78 REPOBQM Quesnel and District Museum and Archives Camera Workers 
79 REPOBVIPM Royal British Columbia Museum Camera Workers 
80 REPOUKRCT Royal Collection Trust Camera Workers 
81 REPORPS Royal Photographic Society Camera Workers 
82 REPOMBUA S.J. McKee Archives Camera Workers 
83 REPOSRA Saskatchewan Archives Board-Regina Camera Workers 
84 REPOSSA Saskatchewan Archives Board-Saskatoon Camera Workers 
85 REPOALGMA Sir Alexander Galt Museum and Archives Camera Workers 
86 REPOSI Smithsonian Institution Camera Workers 
87 REPOBVISAC St. Andrew's Cathedral Camera Workers 
88 REPOBSURCM Surrrey Museum Camera Workers 
89 REPOOTPL Toronto Public Library Camera Workers 
90 REPOBTCA Trail City Archives Camera Workers 
91 REPOUAA University of Alaska (Anchorage) Camera Workers 
92 REPOUAF University of Alaska (Fairbanks) Camera Workers 
93 REPOAEUA University of Alberta Archives Camera Workers 
94 REPOUAZ University of Arizona Main Library Camera Workers 
95 REPOBVAUS2 University of British Columbia Archives Camera Workers 
96 REPOBVAUS University of British Columbia Library Camera Workers 
97 REPOBANC University of California, Berkeley Camera Workers 
98 REPOUMICH University of Michigan Library Camera Workers 
99 REPOUOR University of Oregon Libraries Camera Workers 
100 REPOUPAMA University of Pennsylvania Museum Archives Camera Workers 

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