Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950



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7051 vol. 6, no. 7 (July/Aug. 1910), p. 509-516 reproduces photographs by Rosetti Photographic Studio (Lionel Haweis). Source (S815)
7052 Vols. 3-4 biographical. Source (S428)
7053 Volume 1 and 2 were combined and reissued as a serial-based Web site titled Camera Workers: The British Columbia Photographic Directory, 1858-1950 (1999-). Source (S586)
7054 Web site (viewed 29 Nov 2008). URL: Source (S700)
7055 Web site documents the work and impact of Vancouver street photographer Alphonso "Foncie" Pulcie. Source (S990)
7056 When he enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Feb 1916 he gave 1068 Hornby St. as his home address. This was changed in his personnel file on 31 Mar 1917 to 1204 West Pender St. Walters, Thomas (I1787)
7057 When he married a second time he was a widower. McDonald, Aubrey Stratton (I1765)
7058 WHERE ACTIVE: White Pass Trail (Skagway, AK) and Chilkoot Pass Trail (Dyea) to Dawson and various Yukon mining sites/1897 08 to 1898-09; Nome/1900. Adney, Edwin Tappan (I9)
7059 While he and his bride resided in Victoria, they were married in Vancouver. At 38, he was a widower and she, at 20, was single. Stenton, Harry Royal (I1857)
7060 While he is listed in the 1880-1881 and 1881-1882 electoral rolls for Christchurch, he was already in Victoria, BC, by Jun 1881 when he sailed on HMS RocketDossetter, Edward William (I281)
7061 While his attestation paper states (in his own hand) that he was born on 7 Feb 1878, a document titled "Medical History of an Invalid" in his personnel file gives his date of birth as 7 Feb 1872 and age at last birthday as 47. His death registration also gives his birth date as 7 Feb 1872. Chapman, John Francis (I1037)
7062 While his California death registration record states he was born in Pauntley, he gave his birth town on his Canadian Expeditionary Force attestation paper as Newent. Wigley, Selwyn James (I1417)
7063 While sources indicate they were married in Bude Haven, it is the same location as Bude. Maynard, Richard (I118)
7064 While sources indicate they were married in Bude Haven, it is the same location as Bude. Maynard, Hannah Hatherly (I434)
7065 While there is no question this is the same Thomas Walters, there is some contradictory information on his marriage registration record: he gave his residence as Chellwood, SK, and his occupation as a farmer. His bride was also from Chellwood. His age and birthplace match what is known from his Canadian Expeditionary Force personnel file.
According to her death registration record, his wife, born on 16 Jun 1873 in Birmingham, Eng., passed away on Vancouver Island on 26 Apr 1953 and was buried in the Nanaimo cemetery on 30 Apr 1953. Their son, who provided the information, gave his father's name as Thomas Mather Walters; BC Archives death registration no. 1953-09-005104. 
Walters, Thomas (I1787)
7066 Wordpress blog about historic Colorado photographers. Source (S1138)
7067 blog covering American photographers working between 1839 and 1860. Source (S825)
7068 blog. Source (S826)
7069 Yukon Archives has 1903-1924 in paper form and microfilm. Source (S873)
7070 [Charles Gentile Early British Columbia Photos], part of Uno Langmann BC Historical Photograph Collection. Several of the photographs in this set which depict the Canadian Pacific Railway construction are by Charles Macmunn and/or Richard Maynard. URL: Source (S138)

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