Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950



Matches 6,901 to 6,950 of 7,071

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6901 VARIANT NAMES: Dunphy, W.E.; Dunphy, W.T.l; Dunphy, William Franklin? Dunphy, W.F. (I1451)
6902 VARIANT NAMES: E.F.; Ferdyman, Miss E.W.; Ferrgman, Emily White. Ferryman, Miss Emily White (I1226)
6903 VARIANT NAMES: Eadie, George Marion.  Eddie, George Marion (I534)
6904 VARIANT NAMES: Easthope, E. Frederick; Easthope, Frederick. Easthope, Edwin Frederick (I533)
6905 VARIANT NAMES: Ecoff, A.T.; Eckhoff, A.T. Eckoff, A.T. (I920)
6906 VARIANT NAMES: Edwards, Edward Herbert or Herbert E. Edwards, Edgar Herbert (I440)
6907 VARIANT NAMES: Errett, Mrs. William D.K.; Errett, Mrs. Florence E. Grange, Florence Edna (I1107)
6908 VARIANT NAMES: Eyers, E.J.; Eyres, Edmond James. Eyres, Edmund James (I446)
6909 VARIANT NAMES: Feero, Edith. Larson, Mrs. Edith (I724)
6910 VARIANT NAMES: Francis, E.W.  Francis, E.K. (I542)
6911 VARIANT NAMES: Freeman, Alice Matilda (real name); Brown, Mrs. John Nelson Elliott. Fenton, Faith (I537)
6912 VARIANT NAMES: Gowwan, Thomas H.; Gourman, Thomas H; Gowman, Thomas Henry. Gowan, Thomas Henry (I1106)
6913 VARIANT NAMES: Greenwood Photo Studio; Greenwood Studio; Greenwood Studios. Greenwood Photo Studios (I1516)
6914 VARIANT NAMES: Hahne, William Frederick; Haline, William; Hohn, Mr. Hahne, Frederick William (I1047)
6915 VARIANT NAMES: Handford, Willier Wilton (1907-1908); Handford, H.W. (1918); Hanford, W.H. (1919). Handford, Wilber Wilton (I1396)
6916 VARIANT NAMES: Hansen, Alex.  Hansen, Axel (I1399)
6917 VARIANT NAMES: Hansen, Thorold B.; Hansen, Thorvald B.; Hansen, Thorwald B. Hansen, Thorwald Birger (I1398)
6918 VARIANT NAMES: Harpur, Almond E.; Harper, Almond Edgar. Harpur, Almound E. (I1220)
6919 VARIANT NAMES: Hatherley, James G.; Hatherby, J.T.; Hatherly, J.T. Hatherley, James Thomas (I492)
6920 VARIANT NAMES: Hill, Mrs. Irene Ethel; Hill, Mrs. Oswald Irving; Richler, Mrs. Irene Ethel; Richler, Mrs. Julius; Tyll, Mrs. Irene Ethel; Tyll, Mrs. Rudy. Randle, Irene Ethel (I1662)
6921 VARIANT NAMES: Hirschfeld, Albert; Hirschfield, Albert or Alfred. Hirschfeld, Alfred Cyril (I455)
6922 VARIANT NAMES: Hoag, E. Hogg, Miss Edith (I203)
6923 VARIANT NAMES: Hoag, J. Clarke; Hogg, Clark; Hogg, Clarke; Hogg, J. Clark; Hogg, J. Clarke; Hogg, James Clarke; Hogue, James[?]. Hoag, James Clarke (I1415)
6924 VARIANT NAMES: Hoag, James; Hogue, James. Hogg, James Sr. (I528)
6925 VARIANT NAMES: Hoag, John Morley; Hogue, Morley. Hogg, Dr. John Morley (I204)
6926 VARIANT NAMES: Hodsall, Frederick George; Hodsoll, Frederick George. Hodsoll, Frederic George (I1559)
6927 VARIANT NAMES: Hoglund, Carl; Hyland, Charles. Hyland, Carl Uno (I1533)
6928 VARIANT NAMES: Hudson, G.H.E.; Hudson, Harry. Hudson, George Henry Ernest (I1418)
6929 VARIANT NAMES: Hughes, Mrs. Hildred; Hughes, Mrs. L.C. Gardner, Hildred (I1576)
6930 VARIANT NAMES: Hyne, Kate; Harper, Kate (Mrs. H.H.). Hyne, Katie (I1402)
6931 VARIANT NAMES: James Hoag and Son. James Hogg and Son (I527)
6932 VARIANT NAMES: Jarvinan, Jarvinau or Jarnivau. Jarvinen, Andrew (I1263)
6933 VARIANT NAMES: Jergern Studio. Jengern Studio (I1266)
6934 VARIANT NAMES: Jus-Rite Photo Finishers; Jus Rite Photos Ltd.; Jus-Rite Studio. Jus-Rite Photos Ltd. (I1295)
6935 VARIANT NAMES: Kals, Wilhelm Stefan (birth name); Kals Photographer. Kals, William S. (I1016)
6936 VARIANT NAMES: King, Edmond P.; King, E.P. King, Percy Edmond (I1045)
6937 VARIANT NAMES: Le Blond, Campbell M.; Le Blond, Campbell R. LeBlond, Campbell Maynard (I1659)
6938 VARIANT NAMES: Le Marquand, D'Albert M.; Le Marquand, Dalbert; Le Murduand Dal M.  LeMarquand, D'Albert Maxwell (I1933)
6939 VARIANT NAMES: Leash, N.E.; Leash, W.E. Leash, Homer Ellsworth (I1355)
6940 VARIANT NAMES: MacKenzie, Florence (birth name); Candlish, Mrs. John. Candlish, Mrs. Florence (I2134)
6941 VARIANT NAMES: MacKenzie, Mrs. Elizabeth; MacKenzie, Mrs. Alexander L. MacKenzie, Mrs. Alice Elizabeth (I1414)
6942 VARIANT NAMES: Maynard, Mrs. R.; Maynard, Mrs. Richard; Hatherly, Hannah (bridal name); Hatherleigh, Hannah (baptismal name); Hannah Hatherley (spelling on gravestone). Maynard, Hannah Hatherly (I434)
6943 VARIANT NAMES: McConnell, Wilford Franklin; McConnell, Wilfred T.; McConnell, Wilfrid. McConnell, Wilfred Franklin (I2065)
6944 VARIANT NAMES: McFadyen, John A.; McFadyn. John A. Macfadyen, John A. (I1275)
6945 VARIANT NAMES: McMunn, Charles; MacMunn, Charles; McMann, Charles. Macmunn, Charles (I380)
6946 VARIANT NAMES: Meares, George; Meeris, George. Meeres, George Albert (I1824)
6947 VARIANT NAMES: Meyers' Studio; Meyer's Studios. Meyers' Studios (I1054)
6948 VARIANT NAMES: Middleton, Maud; Middleton, Maude; Savannah, Maud; Savannah, Mrs. John. Savannah, Mrs. Maude (I1582)
6949 VARIANT NAMES: Milliar, C.; Miller, G.E. Millar, George Edward (I486)
6950 VARIANT NAMES: Millross, W.T.; Melrose's Gallery. Milross, William Thomas (I448)

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