Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950



Matches 6,851 to 6,900 of 7,071

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6851 VARIANT NAMES: Artura Photo Studio. Artura Studio (I613)
6852 VARIANT NAMES: B.C. Patriotic and Educational Picture Service; BCPEPS. British Columbia Patriotic and Educational Picture Service (I1647)
6853 VARIANT NAMES: Bagshawe, Samuel H.; Bagshawl, Samuel H. Bagshaw, Samuel Horace (I1893)
6854 VARIANT NAMES: Bain, A.M. Bain, Donald MacKay (I1895)
6855 VARIANT NAMES: Baker, Corie R.; Baker, Rosalie; Jerry, Rosalie. Baker, Miss Cora Rosalie (I1894)
6856 VARIANT NAMES: Baker, Fae; Baker, Fay Maddison; Baker, Maddison F.; Baker, Madison F. Baker, Fay Madison (I1897)
6857 VARIANT NAMES: Baker, S.H.; Baker, Sidney H. Baker, Sydney Hiram (I1898)
6858 VARIANT NAMES: Barclay, Mrs. Phyllis M; Barclay, Mrs. Kenneth H. Boyce, Phyllis Mary (I2156)
6859 VARIANT NAMES: Barnard, Helen (family name); McCall, Mrs. Hector; McCall, Mrs. Helen; Gould, Mrs. Helen; Gould, Mrs. William John. McCall, Helen (I1624)
6860 VARIANT NAMES: Belt, Mary Ethlyn; Hamlin, Mrs. Mary Ethlyn; Hamlin, Mrs. Jean T. Belt-Hamlin, Mrs. Mary Ethelyn (I2149)
6861 VARIANT NAMES: Best, G. Charles; Best, Geoffrey Charles; Best, Godfrey Charles. Best, Geoffry Charles (I1589)
6862 VARIANT NAMES: Boulton, Winnifred M.; Boulton, Mrs. James M.; Boulton, Mrs. James H.; Boulton, Mrs. W.M.; Fox, Winifred Mary (birth name). Boulton, Winifred Mary (I2183)
6863 VARIANT NAMES: Bridgland, M.P.; Parsons, Alfred Morrison Bridgland, Morrison Parsons (I2162)
6864 VARIANT NAMES: Bridgman, Mrs. A.T.R. Bridgman, Mrs. Mabel Martha (I2188)
6865 VARIANT NAMES: Broune, Lothean; Brown, John L.  Browne, John Lothian (I459)
6866 VARIANT NAMES: Buell, Professor. Buell, Oliver Brown (I472)
6867 VARIANT NAMES: Bullen, E.H.; Bullen, Henry E. Bullen, Harry Elder (I1343)
6868 VARIANT NAMES: Busker, Arthur; Buskera, Arthur.  Butcher, Arthur (I478)
6869 VARIANT NAMES: Cadwallader, Rose (birth name); Schofield, Mrs. Rosetta Ann. Spencer, Mrs. Rosetta Ann (I2016)
6870 VARIANT NAMES: Campbell Studio Ltd.; Campbell Studios Ltd.; Campbell's Studio. Campbell Studio (Vancouver, BC) (I1429)
6871 VARIANT NAMES: Campbell, Lucille Helena (birth name); Longeuay, Mrs. Charles J.; Mason, Mrs. Lincoln R. Longeuay, Mrs. Lucille Helena (I2121)
6872 VARIANT NAMES: Campbell, Mrs. John; Rodgerson, Mary. Rodgerson, Margaret Hellen (I2138)
6873 VARIANT NAMES: Canfield, Frank; Caufield, Francis. Canfield Francis Orra (I483)
6874 VARIANT NAMES: Cantwell, George C. (Waugaman, 2002: 31). Cantwell, George Gordon (I291)
6875 VARIANT NAMES: Carbutt, F. Percy; Carbutt, Percy; Corbett, Frederick Percy; Corbutt, Frederick Percy. Carbutt, Frederick Percy (I2215)
6876 VARIANT NAMES: Cartmel, F. Warren; Cartmel, Warren. Cartmel, Frederick Warren (I2142)
6877 VARIANT NAMES: Chapman, Howard; Chapman, John Arthur H.  Chapman, John Howard Arthur (I490)
6878 VARIANT NAMES: Charleston, Linna Grace; Armour, Mrs. Grace. Charleston, Grace Linna (I2219)
6879 VARIANT NAMES: Charleston, Mace Edward; Charleston, Mace Everett; Charleston M.E. Charleston, Mace Earl (I1099)
6880 VARIANT NAMES: Charnell, W. Arthur; Charnell, William A. Charnell, William Arthur (I2261)
6881 VARIANT NAMES: Chase, Mrs. Howard Shaw; Chase, Mrs. Phyllis M.; Grissell, Mrs. Phyllis M.; Grissell, Mrs. Wallace A. Rosher, Phyllis Marion (I1692)
6882 VARIANT NAMES: Chindland, Elmer A.; Chindlund, Elmer E.; Chinlund, Elmer. Chindlund, Elmer Arthur (I2147)
6883 VARIANT NAMES: Clark, Archibald S.D.L.; Clark, Laurie; Clark, Lawrence R.; Morwood-Clark, L. Arthur; Morwood-Clark, Lawrence; Morwood-Clarke, Lawrence Archibald Sidney. Morwood-Clark, Lawrence Archibald Sidney (I2074)
6884 VARIANT NAMES: Colpitts Studio; Colpitt's Studio. Colpitts' Studio (I1671)
6885 VARIANT NAMES: Coltart and Hatherly. Coltart and Hatherley (I310)
6886 VARIANT NAMES: Colthard; Colbart. Coltart (I491)
6887 VARIANT NAMES: Condery, R.A. Conderoy, R.A. (I493)
6888 VARIANT NAMES: Conrad, Mildred; Conron, Mildred. Conran, Mildred Mary Margaret (I1844)
6889 VARIANT NAMES: Coughlan, William C.; Coughlin, W.P.; Laughlan, M.P. Coughlan, William Power (I441)
6890 VARIANT NAMES: Craig, M.H. Craig, J. Morte H. (I510)
6891 VARIANT NAMES: Cunningham, William, Jr.; Cummings, William, Jr.  Cumming William, Jr. (I438)
6892 VARIANT NAMES: D'Arcy-Hodsoll, Gregory Edwin; Darcy-Hodsoll, Gregory E.; Hodsoll, Gregory E. D'Arcy, Gregory Edwin (I1322)
6893 VARIANT NAMES: Davey, Gerald G.; Davie, Gerald G. Davy, Gerald Gunning (I1328)
6894 VARIANT NAMES: Davidson, Thorstein John; Davidson Thorstein Jonathon. Davidson, Thorstein Jonatansson (I1337)
6895 VARIANT NAMES: Dedman's Photo Shop and Art Gallery. Dedman Photography Shop (I520)
6896 VARIANT NAMES: Dobbs, B.B. Dobbs, Beverly Bennett (I521)
6897 VARIANT NAMES: Dowsett Studio; Dowsett's Studio. Dowsett, Charles Frederick (I1438)
6898 VARIANT NAMES: Dowsett's Studio Dowsett Studio (I2051)
6899 VARIANT NAMES: Dresser, Alfred Woodruffe; Dresser, Alfred Woodruff. Dresser, Alfred Woodroffe (I531)
6900 VARIANT NAMES: Dunbar, Mrs. Archibald; Taylor, Mrs. S.C. Taylor, Isabel C. (I689)

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