Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950



Matches 6,801 to 6,850 of 7,071

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6801 VARIANT NAME: Viertell, George O. Viertel, George Oswald (I900)
6802 VARIANT NAME: Vinson, Win W. Vinson, Willis Weldon (I907)
6803 VARIANT NAME: Vogee's Photographic Gallery. Vogee, Anton (I548)
6804 VARIANT NAME: Voorhoeve, Harry Cornelius. Voorhoeve, Herman Cornelius (I909)
6805 VARIANT NAME: W., E.A. Woods, Ernest Alfred (I1466)
6806 VARIANT NAME: W.D. West Studios; Wally West Studios of Photography. Wally West Studios (I1910)
6807 VARIANT NAME: W.J. Jenkins. May not be the same person as there was a minstrel company in Union with an actor with the same name. Jenkins, J.W. (I700)
6808 VARIANT NAME: W.J. Moore Company. W.J. Moore Photo Company (I1456)
6809 VARIANT NAME: Wadds, Mrs. David; Wadds, Eva Saville. Medlock, Miss Eva Saville (I835)
6810 VARIANT NAME: Walis, Harold Arthur. Willis, Harold Arthur (I1772)
6811 VARIANT NAME: Walls, Charles O; Walls, O. Charles. Walls, Orlebar Charles (I1469)
6812 VARIANT NAME: Walters, Thomas Mather. Walters, Thomas (I1787)
6813 VARIANT NAME: Wand Studio. Wand's Photo Studio (I1868)
6814 VARIANT NAME: Wand, Cecil Bob. Wand, Cecil Bow (I1865)
6815 VARIANT NAME: Weeks, Benson; Week's Studio. Weeks, Arthur Benson (I1781)
6816 VARIANT NAME: Welford Photo Studio. Welford Studio (I1878)
6817 VARIANT NAME: Wells, Edmund Hazard. Wells, Edmond Hazard (I790)
6818 VARIANT NAME: Wennberg, T.E.; Wennberg, Theodore E.; Wennberg, Theodore H. Wennberg, Lars Theodor Egil (I1408)
6819 VARIANT NAME: Werner, Ida Madeline. Gunterman, Mattie (I774)
6820 VARIANT NAME: Westcott, Stanley. Wescott, Stanley Haughton (I1602)
6821 VARIANT NAME: Wheeler and Fort Studio. Wheeler-Fort Studio (I1915)
6822 VARIANT NAME: White Studio. White's Studio (I419)
6823 VARIANT NAME: Whitefoot, Thomas Wedgwood. Whitefoot, Thomas Wedgewood (I848)
6824 VARIANT NAME: Whittesley, Harry. Whittlesey, Henry William (I1922)
6825 VARIANT NAME: Wigley, James; Windley, S.J.  Wigley, Selwyn James (I1417)
6826 VARIANT NAME: Williams, Dora; Williams, Dora B.V. Williams, Miss Violet Dora (I1215)
6827 VARIANT NAME: Willis, John Kerle; Wills, John Karle.  Wills, John Kerle (I1935)
6828 VARIANT NAME: Wing, Chew Sip. Wing, Chow Shong (I1936)
6829 VARIANT NAME: Winn, H.H. Winn, Harry Herbert (I1467)
6830 VARIANT NAME: Wintermute, George Metthew. Wintemute, George Matthew (I802)
6831 VARIANT NAME: Wong, B. Kwai. Wong, Bark Kwai (I650)
6832 VARIANT NAME: Wood, Harry Crowley. Wood, Henry Crawley (I1464)
6833 VARIANT NAME: Woolgar, A.G. Woolgar, Alfred George Ellis (I1460)
6834 VARIANT NAME: Wrathall's. Wrathall's Photo Finishing (I1940)
6835 VARIANT NAME: Wrathall, William Walter. Wrathall, William Walker (I1937)
6836 VARIANT NAME: Wright, C.C. Wright, Charles Christopher (I1459)
6837 VARIANT NAME: Youmans, B.E. Youman, B.E. (I2268)
6838 VARIANT NAME: Young's Studio. Young's Photographic Studio (I673)
6839 VARIANT NAME: Yucho Chow Photo Studio. Yucho Chow Studio (I674)
6840 VARIANT NAME: Yuen Sang and Company. Yun Sang and Company (I675)
6841 VARIANT NAMES, Freeman, Barnabus Cortland (BVIPA death registration index); Freeman, Barnabas Cortland (Gravestone). Freeman, Barnabas Courtland (I249)
6842 VARIANT NAMES: According to Palmquist and Kailbourn (2000), middle name may be Ansley, Auxley or Ainsly. Desmond, Robert Ansley Brittain (I484)
6843 VARIANT NAMES: Allen Photo.; Allen Photographic Company; J.D. Allen Photo Co.; J.D. Allan Photo Company. J.D. Allen Photographic Company (I580)
6844 VARIANT NAMES: Allen, Denny; J.D.A. Allen, James Dennis (I579)
6845 VARIANT NAMES: Andrews, William G. Asher, William G. (I614)
6846 VARIANT NAMES: Arcadia Photos. Arcadia Studio (I594)
6847 VARIANT NAMES: Arikado, K.Y.; Aukado, Y.  Arikado, Yataro (I598)
6848 VARIANT NAMES: Art's Photo Studio; Art Photo Studio. Arts Photo Studio (I612)
6849 VARIANT NAMES: Artona Studios; Artona Photo Studio; Artona Portrait Studio. Artona Studio (I610)
6850 VARIANT NAMES: Arts and Crafts Association; Vancouver Art Workers' Guild. Vancouver Arts and Crafts Association (I339)

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