Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950



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51 A Joseph Hector Perrier, with the same parents as the individual who was baptised on 20 Jul 1877, was born on 21 Jul 1877 according to the country register.
The Hector Perrier in the 1901 Canada census appears to have had a different set of parents. 
Perrier, Hector Joseph (I1756)
52 A medical form in his CEF personnel file gives a birth day of 13 May 1883. Wills, John Kerle (I1935)
53 A new owner, J. Leggall, was listed in the 1951 business directory. Vancouver Photo Supply Ltd. (I1942)
54 A news item in the Colonist on 2 Aug 1860 (p. 2) pointed readers to his ad on the same page; the ad is dated 2 Aug, ran for a month and was renewed for another month on 2 Sep. Spencer, Stephen Allen (I452)
55 A photo of his grave is available at (accessed 30 Aug 2019). Treffry, Dormer Kierulff de Bretton (I1430)
56 A photo of his gravestone from the Canadian Headstones index (accessed 4 Apr 2021): LeMarquand, D'Albert Maxwell (I1933)
57 A photograph of his gravestone bears the all-caps inscription: "PTE. DALBERT M. LEMARQUAND 1918 - 1986 R.C.A., C.A." The gravestone is also inscribed below his name with that of Roland Lussier.
URL (accessed 4 Apr 2021): 
LeMarquand, D'Albert Maxwell (I1933)
58 A photograph of his gravestone indicates he served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, possibly in World War Two. Watson, Philip Lyth (I1777)
59 A Quebec baptismal record shows an Edward Hall Stanley born on 16 Mar 1851. Stanley, Edward Hall (I60)
60 A Sep 1899 Greenwood newspaper item noted he was from Ashcroft. Blome, John Henry (I408)
61 A set of playing cards each with a different illustration. Source (S512)
62 A widow when married, her birth surname, as noted on her marriage registration record through her parents' names, was Baxter. Baxter is also the surname she used on J.J. McCarthy's death registration record. McCarthy, James Justin (I1626)
63 A widower and merchant, he was residing in Spokane, WA, at the time of their marriage. Hill, Dalton James (I1577)
64 About Us: "Northword Magazine is dedicated to the vast region of northern BC. ... We print six issues every year: Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sept/Oct, and Nov/Dec." Source (S1139)
65 Abstract: "...Brief biographies of Rolly Ford, J.C. Walker, G. Morris Taylor, Ray Munro, and Art Jones are uncovered through a series of personal communication as as well as secondary sources. ..." Source (S951)
66 According to The Researcher's Guide to British Columbia Nineteenth Century Directories (1988), WIL83 is identical to WIL82 except for the title page. BVIPA is the only institution listed as holding the 1883 version. Source (S18)
67 According to a family tree on, he was born in 1872 in New Brunswick, Canada, and died about 1903 in Washington state. Reay, Edna Blanche (I1669)
68 According to a typed note on the registration record, their marriage was dissolved in Victoria on 21 Jun 1944. Grange, Florence Edna (I1107)
69 According to Find a Grave he had three children with his second wife. Hogg, James Sr. (I528)
70 According to Find a Grave, he had two children by his first wife. Hogg, James Sr. (I528)
71 According to Find A Grave, his grave is at Victory Memorial Park, Surrey, BC. Wills, John Kerle (I1935)
72 According to her death registration record (registration no. 1954-09-008854), her full name was Violet Annie Edwards (b. 11 Jul 1898, Wales, UK-d. 4 Sep 1954, Vancouver, BC). Edwards, John Bedford (I928)
73 According to her obituary her ashes were scattered at her request in Juneau, AK. Longeuay, Mrs. Lucille Helena (I2121)
74 According to his 1937 marriage registration record, he was divorced. Gibson, Wilfred (I1074)
75 According to his CEF personnel file, he was born on 16 Feb 1859 and in New Westminster, BC. Spring, Charles (I819)
76 According to his death registration record he resided in South Fort George and had lived in the municipality for 34 years. Simonson, Jacob (I2044)
77 According to his death registration record he was born at the Bridge of Allan in Scotland. Ramsay, Colin Cameron (I1278)
78 According to his death registration record, he resided in North Vancouver, but died in Vancouver General Hospital. Bailey, William (I345)
79 According to his obituary, she passed away in Aug 1994. Davies, Roger (I1517)
80 According to his personnel file and the Circumstances of Death Register, he was killed in action in the trenches southwest of Avion. Love, Robert Macedon (I1210)
81 According to one ad he was working out of J.H. Blome's former studio. Blome had died in Feb 1902. Wadds Brothers (I365)
82 According to the Baltimore Sun (12 May 1912, p. 7) his wife Florence passed away on Wednesday, 8 May 1912, at the university hospital after an appendicitis operation. URL (accessed 22 Aug 2019): Hogg, Dr. John Morley (I204)
83 According to their marriage registration record he was a widower. In 1886 he had married in Ontario Christina May McDermid, who appears to be the sister of his second wife. Powell, Thomas Alexander (I1734)
84 According to their marriage registration record, he was a widower. He was 69, and his bride, an artist (portrait painter), was 34. Mortimer-Lamb, Harold (I2064)
85 According to their marriage registration record, their wedding ended in divorce in 1955. Stockill, Francis Richard (I1512)
86 According to their marriage registration record, they were divorced in Ontario on 20 May 1959 (final decree D.C.O. 591/128). Cowx, Andrew Melville (I1257)
87 According to this 1938 marriage registration record he was divorced. Rieveley, William Hill (I1687)
88 Account of the disabled SS Doraís drift from the Aleutians to the Washington coast. Source (S564)
89 Account of the SS Farallonís shipwreck in Alaska. Source (S565)
90 Address may be 1061 Howe in the late 1940s to 1950. De Luxe Finish (I1423)
91 Address may be 1061 Howe in the late 1940s to 1950. Ransom, Earl Jones (I1422)
92 Address not listed in the street directory section of the 1913 business directory. Brown, Claude J. (I1948)
93 Adobe Acrobat PDF viewed 1 Jul 2008; URL: Source (S684)
94 Alaska Historical Commission Studies in History no. 205. Source (S275)
95 Also available in the British Columbia Sessional Papers (1872-1982). Source (S704)
96 Also known as Polk's (Trow's) New York Copartnership and Corporation Directory... Source (S844)
97 Also known as Westward Ho! and Man-to-Man MagazineSource (S976)
98 Also known as Haney Town. Sylvis, Berlin Perry (I1486)
99 Also known as R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum. Repository (REPOBSALM)
100 Also photographed in Bennett, BC. Goetzman, Henry J. (I221)

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