Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950



Matches 3,951 to 4,000 of 4,120

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3951 VARIANT NAME: Pulice, Alfred; Pulice, Alphonso. Pulice, Alfonso (I985)
3952 VARIANT NAME: Rappertie, Arthur Stuart; Raffertie, Arthur S.; Rafferty, A.S.  Rappertie, Arthur Stewart (I346)
3953 VARIANT NAME: Read, L.C. Read, Lyman Cary (I756)
3954 VARIANT NAME: Rembrandt Studio. Rembrandt Photo Studio (I874)
3955 VARIANT NAME: Samson, John. Sampson, John Wallace (I424)
3956 VARIANT NAME: Savannah, Benjemen. Savannah, Benjamin (I808)
3957 VARIANT NAME: Savannah, Jack; Savannah, Jacob. Savannah, John (I47)
3958 VARIANT NAME: Smyth, S.A.; Smith, S.A. Smythe, Sidney Alfred (I817)
3959 VARIANT NAME: Sunbeam Photo and Art Company Ltd. Sunbeam Photo Studio (I460)
3960 VARIANT NAME: Tait, Cassel Morton. Tait, Castle Morton (I952)
3961 VARIANT NAME: Tait, James Alexander. Teit, James Alexander (I911)
3962 VARIANT NAME: Taylor, Mrs. S.B. Taylor, Mrs. Sarah Annie (I960)
3963 VARIANT NAME: The Beaver Studio. Beaver Photograph Gallery (I373)
3964 VARIANT NAME: Theatre Photographic Gallery. Victoria Theatre Photographic Gallery (I33)
3965 VARIANT NAME: Thom, Alexander B. Thom, Adam B. (I390)
3966 VARIANT NAME: Thomas, H. Edward C. Thomas, Edward C.H. (I714)
3967 VARIANT NAME: Timms, Arthur Hubert. Timms, Arthur Herbert (I976)
3968 VARIANT NAME: Trio Studio. Trio Photograph and Supply Company (I1009)
3969 VARIANT NAME: Trueman Studio. R.H. Trueman and Company (I755)
3970 VARIANT NAME: Trueman, T.H. Trueman, Richard Henry (I393)
3971 VARIANT NAME: Tupper, Nora Agnes. Trainor, Nora Agnes (I1003)
3972 VARIANT NAME: Underwood and Underwood. Underwood View Company (I656)
3973 VARIANT NAME: United States Photographic Company?  U.S.P. Company (I655)
3974 VARIANT NAME: Universal Photographer. Universal Photographers (I659)
3975 VARIANT NAME: Uren, John [?]. Wren (I449)
3976 VARIANT NAME: Vannatter, L.J. Van Natter, Lionel J. (I881)
3977 VARIANT NAME: VARIANT: Forsyth, W.S. Forsythe, William Steen or Stene (I1299)
3978 VARIANT NAME: Vaughn, J.W. Vaughan, John William (I436)
3979 VARIANT NAME: Viertell, George O. Viertel, George Oswald (I900)
3980 VARIANT NAME: Vinson, Win W. Vinson, Willis Weldon (I907)
3981 VARIANT NAME: Vogee's Photographic Gallery. Vogee, Anton (I548)
3982 VARIANT NAME: Voorhoeve, Harry Cornelius. Voorhoeve, Herman Cornelius (I909)
3983 VARIANT NAME: W.J. Jenkins. May not be the same person as there was a minstrel company in Union with an actor with the same name. Jenkins, J.W. (I700)
3984 VARIANT NAME: Wadds, Mrs. David; Wadds, Eva Saville. Medlock, Miss Eva Saville (I835)
3985 VARIANT NAME: Wells, Edmund Hazard. Wells, Edmond Hazard (I790)
3986 VARIANT NAME: Werner, Ida Madeline. Gunterman, Mattie (I774)
3987 VARIANT NAME: Whitefoot, Thomas Wedgwood. Whitefoot, Thomas Wedgewood (I848)
3988 VARIANT NAME: Williams, Dora; Williams, Dora B.V. Williams, Miss Violet Dora (I1215)
3989 VARIANT NAME: Wintermute, George Metthew. Wintemute, George Matthew (I802)
3990 VARIANT NAME: Young's Studio. Young's Photographic Studio (I673)
3991 VARIANT NAME: Yuen Sang and Company. Yun Sang and Company (I675)
3992 VARIANT NAMES, Freeman, Barnabus Cortland (BVIPA death registration index); Freeman, Barnabas Cortland (Gravestone). Freeman, Barnabas Courtland (I249)
3993 VARIANT NAMES: According to Palmquist and Kailbourn (2000), middle name may be Ansley, Auxley or Ainsly. Desmond, Robert Ansley Brittain (I484)
3994 VARIANT NAMES: Allen, Denny; J.D.A. Allen, James Dennis (I579)
3995 VARIANT NAMES: Andrews, William G. Asher, William G. (I614)
3996 VARIANT NAMES: Arcadia Photos. Arcadia Studio (I594)
3997 VARIANT NAMES: Arikado, K.Y.; Aukado, Y.  Arikado, Yataro (I598)
3998 VARIANT NAMES: Art's Photo Studio; Art Photo Studio. Arts Photo Studio (I612)
3999 VARIANT NAMES: Artona Studios; Artona Portrait Studio. Artona Studio (I610)
4000 VARIANT NAMES: Arts and Crafts Association; Vancouver Art Workers' Guild. Vancouver Arts and Crafts Association (I339)

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