Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950



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101 Although he died in the veterans' hospital in Saanich, his permanent residence was on Salt Spring Island. Mole, Clifford George (I2055)
102 Although he died in Vancouver, he resided in Chilliwack. Berg, John (I2150)
103 Although he was listed in the 1924 business directory as working in Atlin, he died in early Jan 1924. Read, Lyman Cary (I756)
104 Although his mother registered his birth while she was living in Vancouver, BC, in 1919, he had been killed in France in 1918. Timms, George Edward (I1994)
105 American Alpine Club obituary published 1949; URL (accessed 20 Jul 2021): Bridgland, Morrison Parsons (I2162)
106 American Memory URL: Source (S181)
107 American Memory URL: Source (S182)
108 An family tree gives his birth date as Oct 1872. Charlton, Harry (I1666)
109 An editorial error resulted in the captions being reversed on the two photographs that illustrate this article. Source (S591)
110 An Edward Hall Stanley died, aged 75, at Essondale, BC (BVIPA death registration no. 1924-09-337905, microfilm no. B13125). Since this person is buried in Nelson, it is likely the same individual. Stanley, Edward Hall (I60)
111 An undated obituary from an unknown newspaper states he was born in Seattle on 5 Sep 1901 ("Morwood-Clark"; URL [date accessed 1 Jun 2021]: The family tree tied to the clipping gives a different birth date and place which correlate more closely with his entry in the 11921 Canada census. Morwood-Clark, Lawrence Archibald Sidney (I2074)
112 Another copy in Vancouver Public Library. Source (S199)
113 Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History, no. 70. Source (S277)
114 Archived at Library and Archives Canada (accessed 10 Mar 2017): Source (S232)
115 Archives of British Columbia Memoir no. 7. Source (S322)
116 Archives URL (accessed 31 Dec 2016): Repository (REPOBKM)
117 ArchiviaNet contains separate databases for photographs and other media representing Government of Canada and private records. A federated search engine to search the entire Library and Archives Canada is also available. Source (S90)
118 As listed on the 1921 Canada census. Taylor, Mrs. Sarah Annie (I960)
119 At age 27, he was divorced from his first wife. Belcher, George Clare (I2193)
120 At the time of her birth this island nation was known as Ceylon. Munday, Phyllis Beatrice (I2063)
121 At the time of his death he was residing in North Vancouver. Weir, Robert (I1873)
122 At the time of his death his permanent residence was Saanich, BC, but he had been living in the Home for the Aged in Coquitlam for 20 days prior to his death. Shaw, Walter Abraham (I1981)
123 At the time of his death his usual residence was Sidney, BC. Beaumont, Vernon Archibald (I1908)
124 At the time of their marriage he lived in Atlin, BC, and worked as a photographer. Cartmel, Frederick Warren (I2142)
125 At the time of their marriage, he was divorced, 61 and living at the address of his photo studio; she was unmarried and 39. He was a photographer and she a teacher. Though married in Vancouver, his usual residence was in Victoria. Cherer, George Cecil (I1855)
126 Automated Genealogy's 1901 Census of Canada Indexing Project contains links to Library and Archives Canada census schedule page images; URL: Source (S647)
127 Available on microfilm. Source (S626)
128 Available on microfilm. Source (S627)
129 Available on microfilm. Source (S662)
130 Available on microfilm. Source (S663)
131 Available on microfilm. Source (S664)
132 Available on; URL (accessed 5 Aug 2019): Source (S1046)
133 Available through Source (S1096)
134 Available through Google Docs. Source (S827)
135 Baptised as Joseph Hector Perrier. Perrier, Hector Joseph (I1756)
136 Based on a Christchurch business directory listing for these years, the studio situated between Oxford Terrace and Colombo Street. Dossetter had already left New Zealand, at the latest by the winter of 1880-1881. Dossetter, Edward William (I281)
137 Based on an exhibition at Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, February 24 to March 31, 1996. Source (S489)
138 BC Archives copy: "Ed. of 50 copies; this is no. 38". Source (S199)
139 BC marriage registration record gives incorrect birth date. Goodmurphy, Herbert Fuller (I224)
140 Because there was no BC-wide business directory in 1933, it is not yet determined when he moved from 620 View St. (Central Building) to 748 Fort St. Gibson, Wilfred (I1074)
141 Because there was no BC-wide business directory in 1933, it is not yet determined when he moved his studio from 620 View St. (Central Building) to 748 Fort St. Gibson Studio (I1075)
142 Began in 1895; ceased in 1960. Source (S837)
143 Beginning in 1919-1920 business also known as Camera and Arts Ltd. Dunne, Ralph Patrick (I1449)
144 states his date of death was 6 Jun 1923. Bradford, Alfred Gordon (I2069)
145; URL (accessed 29 May 2021): Bradford, Alfred Gordon (I2069)
146 BIOGARPHICAL SUMMARY: A teacher and writer, Cameron reported on an amusing bicycling tour which she photographed. Among the achievements for which she is remembered were her appointment as the first woman teacher of a high school in the province (1890), as well as the first woman principal of a school (1894). In 1908 she made a 10,000 mile journey with her niece Jessie Cameron Brown up the Mackenzie River to the Arctic Circle. Cameron's account of this adventure was published as The New North (1910) and was illustrated with photographs taken by her and her niece. They did not pass through any part of British Columbia.
For a full account of her remarkable career and achievements, refer to Cathy Converse's Against the Current (2018). 
Cameron, Agnes Deans (I289)
147 BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY: During his time in Halifax, NS, he operated a photo studio with another sailor. After World War One he trained further in photography through a veterans' industrial training plan. Around Sep 1919, following his service with the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR), he took over E.F. Tucker's Chilliwack studio. While his specialty was portraits, he also produced postcards. He advertised extensively in the Chilliwack Progress, only a small sampling of which are included here.
In Apr 1920 he was joined by Alexander Wilson, a former commercial and military photographer who had also served in World War One. Wilson became Dowsett's business partner.
In Nov 1920 during a banquet for visiting Canadian Prime Minister Arthur Meighan, the Dowsett Studio was praised for photograph of the reception party by the prime minister.
Dowsett and Wilson dissolved their partnership at the end of Jan 1921.
In Dec 1922 the Chilliwack Progress reported that a RCNVR colleague, T.W. Platt, was now a financial backer of the Dowsett Studio. There are no newspaper ads in the Chilliwack Progress under the name Dowsett after the end of 1923. In his U.S. naturalization declaration he states he crossed the border with his family at Sumas, WA, on 28 Oct 1923. According to his border entry card his destination was Tacoma, WA.
By 1930 he was living in Tacoma, WA, but no longer a photographer according to the U.S. census that year. He declared his intention to become a U.S. citizen in 1935 and registered, though nearly a senior citizen, for the U.S. military draft in 1942. 
Dowsett, Charles Frederick (I1438)
148 BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: According to Trail researcher Courtney Palsson, Barclay moved to Fruitvale from Exshaw, AB, in 1921. According to Duncan Barclay, a son, "my father used to hike from Alberta all the way through this country with cameras and equipment taking pictures in logging camps all through Sparwood and places." Barclay's photographs were destroyed in 1939 when his house burned down during a massive forest fire. Marshall (1998) states that he lived in Manitoba.
He was living and working as photographer in Orford, Kent County, ON, in 1891.
Marshall (1998: 28) includes a self-portrait. 
Barclay, William Green (I2209)
149 BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: He was honorary president of the Vancouver Camera Club around 1897. Abbott, Harry (I311)
150 BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY:  Norman Studio (I1186)

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