Camera Workers, 1858-1950

The British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon Photographic Directory, 1858-1950

Vaughan's Photographic Gallery ad, 1863

J.W. Vaughan operated one of the most unusual studios in Victoria which he and his partner Christopher Fulton opened in 1862. The studio was over the Victoria Theatre building and was later known as the Victoria Theatre Photographic Gallery. It had a succession of owners over the course of its approximately decade and a half history. This ad appeared in The British Columbian and Victoria Guide and Directory for 1863, p. 18.

Victoria Theatre Photographic Gallery ad, 1869

Craigg had acquired the Victoria Theatre Photographic Gallery from George Robinson in May or June 1869. This ad appeared in the First Victoria Directory, Third Issue, and British Columbia Guide of 1869, p. 75.